From Corporate to The Conch Republic...

It's a crazy thing to call paradise your home. You find some of the biggest challenges are remembering which day of the week it is and forcing yourself into routines to fabricate a "normal people" lifestyle to some form. And of course the never-ending question, "So how did you end up here?"

Key West Hammock Skyline Photo

For both of us, the details were quite different yet the story was so very much the same. Corporate careers, big cities, trendy lofts - a whole bunch of outward success that never seemed to fuel much inward fulfillment. When our paths initially crossed (my first day in Key West and month four for her), there was no denying the parallels that brought us to that moment. We each abandoned our overly packed storage units and hit the road with a car full of "crap you think you'll need", our dog, a job offer in paradise, and a place to live. 

Simplicity being one of our top passions in life, we will spare you the exhausting details of our stories on this page and stick with the important stuff. And if we are honest, life does such crazy things sometimes that it's nearly impossible to put into words and explain how magically, beautifully, mind-blowingly perfect things just...come together. All we can really share with you is that when we each chose to take a chance and go pursue what it was that made our hearts smile, so much beauty blossomed in our lives. And this beautiful island we now call home has been the amazing soil that has cultivated all of our growth. Our gratitude for this wonderful place does not simply lie in its incomparable beauty and rich culture, but the endless blessings it has brought us. And for that our hearts are so immensely happy. The happiest to date.

CockyKW is much more than a fun brand we came up with to make cool clothes we like. For us, it's a celebration of this beautiful island we get to call home and sharing its uniqueness with others. And all the while combining our passions to create with empowering people to live with purpose. 

Humble Living. Island Pride.